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Cultivated with sacred prayer and ancient traditions, the plant medicine Jurema is our central sacrament.

We are the Ashram de la Madre Divina, and our mission is to share the wisdom of Jurema plant medicine with seekers from all over the world…

Shaman Swami Shyamanand Saraswati

Meet the Keeper of the Medicine - Swami Shyamanand Saraswati

Swami Shyamanand Saraswati, also known as Guru Ji, is a Hinduist Guru as well as a Shaman of the Amazonian tribe Piaroa.

For over 25 years Guru Ji has been healing with the traditions of Hindu Vedic philosophy.

During the past 10 years, he has been learning the wisdom of the entheogen Jurema and the Amazon Shamanic tradition.

Fusing the faith of Hinduism with the power of Amazonian plant medicines, Guru Ji works with people from all over the world to bring deep spiritual healing and exploration of consciousness in a safe setting.

Today, we have the opportunity to host international seekers at our ashram for spiritual retreats.

Read more about the spiritual journey of Guru Ji.

The Jurema Medicine

In contrast to the popularity of Ayahuasca, the Jurema medicine has been almost forgotten to time.

Used by shamans in the Amazon for thousands of years, and known to Mayan and Aztec shamans, the knowledge of Jurema existed only by word-of-mouth. When European settlers started colonizing the Amazonian tribes, the wisdom of Jurema almost vanished from the Earth.

By working with Jurema for the last 10 years, Guru Ji was able to learn and revive this lost tradition.

Jurema is one of the holiest plant medicines on our planet Earth. It is different from Ayahuasca in that it contains more love energy, much stronger visions, and the purge process is not so violent. 


Guru Ji has been working with this medicine for 10 years, and most recently has perfected the brew into the ideal alchemy. 

As far as we know, there is no other master serving the specific brew that is made by Guru Ji. It is truly a divine gift to be able to share this ancient tradition with wisdom seekers all over the world.

All of our retreats include one Jurema ceremony. This entheogen brings intense spiritual experiences in the astral world and the shedding of negative thought patterns. 

We invite you to learn more about this once-lost, now-revived medicine gifted to humanity by Mother Earth.

Over 25 Years serving sacred Medicines

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