Can a plant medicine change how you see life?

Have you ever felt that society was holding something back from you?

Like you weren’t getting the whole truth?

I felt this way. I just couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t all about work and chasing money… Like there was more to this story of being human…

I’m Bryan. I’ve been walking the spiritual path for the last five years. It’s taken me through different lifestyles.

Like living in a “conscious commune” where I shared meals and life with my twelve roommates who became my family…

Or giving up all my worldly possessions to live in a camper van full-time as a minimalist nomad…

Or living with Indigenous tribes of America and Colombia to try to absorb the wisdom they have…

And recently I discovered a powerful and sacred practice. Or rather, it discovered me…

I met Guru Ji at a hostel in Colombia (more on him below). His presence captured me. I had never met anyone so enlightened and full of Light.

Guru Ji invited me to a Jurema ceremony. I didn’t even know what that was, but I was game. And what I experienced was cathartic and mind-blowing!

It was an experience that in my typical American 24/7 lifestyle, I had never had before.

I had also never met a spiritual teacher of this caliber. So free. So happy. And so full of love, every second.

It was a state of fulfillment that I had been looking for. I stopped beating myself up over bills, or work, or what people thought of me and my strange lifestyle. 

I’ve been helping Guru Ji organize more retreats ever since…

That experienced showed me what real peace can feel like. Until then, I didn’t know I was looking for it.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’re looking for it too. Maybe without knowing it.

How many people do you personally know whose sole job it is to guide you towards fulfillment of life?

I don’t mean just asking your friend for life advice. After all, they’re probably struggling through their own challenges in life.

I mean an experienced teacher that has worked for decades bringing spiritual awareness to people from all walks of life – and has a track record of people who’s lives have been changed.

People who say the experience lifted them out of depression…

People who were shattered from a long-term relationship that was breaking-up… until they reconnected with their deepest self and remembered their own peace.

The American ideal is to go through things like this yourself. Away from others. But struggling on your own is overwhelming.

It’s also not necessary. There’s a reason we are social creatures. There’s a reason we are able to process plant medicines like Jurema without causing any harm to our bodies.

We’re meant to do things together, in community, using natural medicines to heal.

And I believe this is what’s missing in our modern society.

I’m not trying to bash on American society. After all, modern medicine and technology are incredible inventions.

But we’re missing something important in our culture… 

If you’re not also developing yourself within, then you’re only running half the race. Internal peace and fulfillment are just as important as external success.

Have you ever had that little voice inside you say, “Why am I working so hard? For what purpose? Is there more to this life?”

That voice is your True Self struggling to be heard. But in the West we’re never taught how to do this.

How did we get here?

The TRUTH: Our society has forgotten how to do this…

The truth is that Western society has abandoned the most important concept taught by Shamans and Eastern Mystics… to know yourself.

In fact, I’d bet you’ve never been given the opportunity to know yourself at your deepest level.

Look past your nationality.

Look past your gender.

Even look past the constant stream of thoughts your mind is creating all day long.

When you look behind these so-called “identities” you wear, what are you left with? Who’s actually there? Who are you, at that deepest level?

These are very abstract philosophical concepts. And modern society doesn’t pay you to think about them.

In fact it’s the opposite. Western society has made very little space for this part of life.

And the results show this clearly. Today obesity and depression are rampant in some of the most economically successful countries that have ever existed.

What if you actually could look deeper into yourself? As if you’d been meditating for years – but it happens automatically, naturally, and safely.

This is what Jurema does.

Jurema is the name of a plant medicine – a drink made from a tree – and it’s purpose on Earth is to help you heal. Physically. Spiritually.

These insights have to come through your own first-hand experience. It’s the only way you’ll really understand it enough to live it.

And you need a safe environment, with an experienced guide to show you how.

The missing element of modern society – Shamanism

Shamanism. What does that even mean? To Westerners, this is something we just don’t hear about.

But the truth is for most of humanity’s existence, there have been spiritual guides, healers, and teachers that have shown others the way to discovering themselves.

They’ve had many names in history. Yogis. Gurus. Prophets.

Shamans are just that. Spiritual guides. Experienced teachers that show the way to self-discovery and enlightenment.

The difference between a shaman and other types of spiritual guides is that shamans use powerful plant medicines that temporarily enhance consciousness.

When done in a safe setting, the experience of a plant medicine has the power to bring deep change in your life.

This is what Shamans can offer us Westerners. A safe space where we can have immensely deep experiences within our own consciousness. Where we can remember that life is much more than just work, or goals.

It’s about existing on Planet Earth. And it’s about experiencing that existence.

This is what our Jurema ceremonies are all about. Not lighthearted events done for recreation, but deep, serious work where we contemplate life’s deepest issues using humanity’s oldest, proven practices.

Words like “plant medicine” and “shaman” might sound strange to you. I get it. They sounded strange to me at first too.

But remember, our society just hasn’t made room for these topics. They are entirely alien to us.

However, these are tried and true human practices that have been used for literally thousands of years by humans all over the world.

This is what our work is all about. This is the experience we would love to share with you.

A safe space to journey deep within your own consciousness under the care of a Master Spiritual Teacher.

Our retreats offer you a safe environment where you can completely disconnect from your day-to-day routine, and reconnect with the deeper parts of yourself.

Our central plant medicine is Jurema, the Grandmother of the plant medicines – one of the most powerful entheogens on Earth. This plant medicine was a lost tradition until single-handedly revived by Guru Ji, who is the foremost Shaman working with this plant.

Jurema is not an easy experience. You will purge. Your courage will be tested.

But when experienced in ceremony in a safe setting, Jurema offers incredible insights into higher planes of life.

You will experience love on a level you’ve never felt before.

You will be lifted energetically onto a higher level of existence. It’s absolute bliss.

And under the care of Master Shaman and Swami Guru Ji, you can take part in this ancient tradition in a safe space.

Who is Guru Ji?

Guru Ji is a Swami of the Hindu faith – a spiritual master and teacher.

He’s also a Shaman of the Venezuelan Amazon who’s worked with many plant medicines like Ayahuasca and Yopo.

For 25 years, Guru Ji has been living an ascetic life on the spiritual path. In the last 10 years, he has been working to revive the long-lost Jurema medicine, originally used by the Aztecs in Mexico before it was lost due to European colonialism.

Guru Ji has served this sacred medicine to thousands of people in the last decade.

His work has been able to heal people from depression, broken hearts, even suicide.

As a Swami of the traditional Vedic Hinduist line, Guru Ji also teaches the wisdom of the East. Our retreats involve sacred practices like Diana Meditation and Hatha Yoga that have been taught by Indian mystics for millenia.

The result is a unique combination of Eastern Mystic wisdom and Western South-American Shamanic plant medicines.

These are ancestral practices that have been proven to work through thousands of years of shamanic and Vedic knowledge.

That’s what our retreats are about. A chance to live these ancient traditions with a Master Spiritual Guide that will make sure your journey is safe, and that can help you integrate what you learn into your life after the retreat.

The Details

Our retreats are 3-day weekend events, Friday-Sunday, on a private ranch outside of Medellin, Colombia. We will pick you up and take you back to the Jose Maria Cordova Airport on Thursday and Monday if you are flying in.



All food is included in the retreat price. We cook vegetarian Hindu and healthy cuisine that is energetically cleansing.

This nourishment helps prepare your body and mind for the intensity of the plant medicines we consume.

Aside from being a Master Shaman and Swami, Guru Ji was the personal chef of his Guru for 15 years and leads the kitchen in creating these delicious, healthy delicacies.



Living space, kitchen, and bathrooms are all shared. All our guests sleep on individual mattress bedding in a shared communal space.



The center of our retreats are our Shamanic Medicine Ceremonies.

For thousands of years people of the Amazon have been communing together under the guidance of an experienced shaman to gain the wisdom of the plants of power, such as Ayahuasca, Peyote, Huachuma, and Yopo. We follow this tradition with ancestral songs of power that help enhance the experience in an atmosphere of love.

Our retreats consist of the following ceremonies:


Jurema Ceremony

Our sacramental plant medicine is Jurema, a traditional medicine of the Mayans, Aztecs, and ancient Amazon tribes.

In our ceremonies, each participant drinks Jurema and explores its wisdom in a safe space under the guidance of Guru Ji.

This is one of the most powerful plant medicines on Earth, considered by many shamans to be the Grandmother of all the other medicines.


Traditional Piaroa and Muisca Ceremony

The Muisca are an ancestral tribe from Colombia. The Piaroa are an ancient tribe of the Venezuelan Amazon.

Our shaman, Guru Ji, has lived with them for many years to learn their traditions. This knowledge is what we use in our Traditional Ceremonies.

We use Piaroa Yopo (Anadenanthera peregrina) and Caapi (Banisteriopsis caapi), and Mambe, Ambil, and Hayo from Muisca tradition in an evening of Sacred Word and Song, where we share knowledge and experiences.


Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is the seed from which chocolate is made. Using unprocessed cacao has immense health benefits and helps open the heart chakra. Our cacao ceremony is a peaceful experience by an open fire on our lush green land.


Hindu Therapies

Along with shamanic plant medicines, we use ancient techniques from India to elevate consciousness and complete the holistic healing. The therapies we use are:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Pranayama (breath work)
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Puja and Diana Meditation


Hatha Yoga at Ashram de la Madre Divina

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard of Ayahuasca in Peru… Is Jurema the same thing?

Almost. Ayahuasca is a beautiful medicine and we respect it very much.

Both medicines are made from trees that grow only in the Amazon jungle. But Jurema has a whole different energy to it. It has a much more loving quality.

The purge process with Jurema is not as intense as Ayahuasca.

Jurema is a regenerative for your cells. It helps regenerate all types of tissue in your body.

It’s a blissful plant medicine that we are doing our best to revive.


Who shouldn’t do this?

Jurema is a powerful anti-depressant with no physical negative side-effects. Those with depression are welcome.

However, you should notify us before coming to the retreat if you have any of the following conditions:

  • – If you take any psychiatric medications
  • – If you have any cardiovascular or circulatory problems
  • – If you are a recent surgery patient


How safe is this?

Jurema is completely safe physically.

During the purge process you will feel your body exert itself, and this can be difficult for some people, especially with unhealthy diets.

After the purge process the body feels lighter. You’ll actually feel stronger after the ceremony.

However, you should know that the safety of the Jurema experience is based on the Shaman you work with and the setting! 

Taking the medicine with someone inexperienced – or in a bad setting – can cause serious negative psychological effects. It’s not something to take lightly.

This is why we work only with Guru Ji as our Shaman and guide. Under his guidance, your experience will be safe, secure, and positive. From working with thousands of people from all walks of life, we can say this with 100% certainty.


How much does this cost?

Unfortunately many plant medicine retreat centers have realized they can charge large amounts of money.

We are not looking to make money at the cost of excluding people that could benefit from this medicine. Our retreats start at just $250 for the full weekend, including all food and medicines.


Where does the money go?

The money we earn from these retreats goes towards building a new ashram here in Colombia for Guru Ji and his disciples.

Currently they are stranded in Venezuela with little food in an unsafe country. Venezuela’s political problems have caused them to abandon their ashram there – literally at gunpoint.

These retreats are our attempt to bring them safely to Colombia where they can continue to operate their ashram and serve medicine to others in a safe place.

Your participation in our retreats allows us to do this work – so we thank you.


Will You Join Us?

The reason we do these retreats is to share the loving energy of Jurema and Guru Ji. Feeling the vibration from the medicine and the man is a divine gift, and lets you get in touch with your own divine vibration.

You will go back home reflecting the extraordinary amount of love you receive from the medicine and from Guru Ji’s presence. .

Come stay with us for a weekend. Try our food. Take part in our practices. Commune with this ancient medicine.

Live the enlightened experience for a weekend…

And leave feeling refreshed, radiant, and ready to meet life full of love and light.

Om Namah Shivayah.


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